The Hunter Equation is a groundbreaking piece of work. Brian Hunter's down to earth logic and reasoning brings clarity and answers to the most complicated questions and mysteries of the Universe, God, Humanity, and the individual reader's life.  Brian has successfully managed to reconcile science, spirituality, and religion, all into one viable set of theories that are consistent throughout the book.  Brian Hunter's grand tour of the Universe and Humanity, begins by discussing the formation of the Universe, offers an explanation of God, a detailed explanation of the eternal human soul. Brian takes us through the cycle of life, the process of death, life after death, how psychic ability works, karma, Destiny vs. Free Will, angels, spirit guides, how prayer works, and many such topics.  The Hunter Equation examines humanity, the future of humans, and how an individual can evolve into a better more empowered person. Furthermore, the Hunter Equation itself is introduced. The Hunter Equation is a new practical theory, explained in detail, including how to use it in setting goals, solving problems, and utilizing it in every day life. Where the Law of Attraction is incomplete and left many people disappointed with their results, Brian Hunter introduces his own Universal equation that more accurately reflects the reality and truth of the Universe.  Brian's more realistic and common sense alternative to the Law of Attraction is more useful and effective in achieving desired results. This is a must-read for people of all ages and beliefs. There is something in this book for everyone.  



1 Who Am I and How Do I Know Anything?

2 God And The Universe.

3 Life Forms And Aliens.

4 What Is The Language Of God?

5 What Is Your Soul? 

6 What Has A Soul?

7 The Cycle Of Life.

8 Death: A Closer Look

9 The Hunter Equation

10 Destiny Vs Free Will

11 Synchronicities And Soul Mates.

12 Karma.

13 How Are Psychics Psychic?

14 Angels, Ghosts, And Demons

15 Divine Intervention.

16 The Human Experience.

17 Human Vulnerabilities.

18 What Is Your Idol?

19 Good Vs Evil.

20 Your Place In The Universe.

21 Using The Hunter Equation In Your life

22 When You Get Stuck In Life.

23 Humans Who Struggle Vs. Those Who Do Not.

24 Ascension.

25 Evolution.

26 The Ideal Human.

27 The Future Of Humans.

28 Your Life Your Future.

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