If you wish to have a session with Brian, please follow the following procedure:

 1. Purchase the session.  

 2. Send an EMAIL with your NAME, PHONE, TIME ZONE, and any comments or special requests.

 3. You will be contacted to set up a mutually beneficial time.  Availability usually runs anywhere from same day to 2 weeks.   

 4. Anytime before the session, please EMAIL a clear face photo of yourself and/or anyone else you wish to discuss during the session.  This is not required, but is very helpful since Brian works with photos for his work.

 5. Brian will call you at the number you provided at the given time.

60 Minute Phone Session

During this one hour phone session, you may bring up any topic you wish, and as many topics as you wish.  You are in the driver's seat as to how to use the session.



This button is for those who are paying a set amount which we have agreed upon, for some other service such as energy work or in person sessions, etc.   To pay your correct amount, simply change the "Quantity" so that it equals the desired amount.  For example, to pay $100, change the QUANTITY to 100, etc..



The VIP Coaching Package is designed for the person who is serious about making major changes or improvements in their life.  The client works directly with Brian to identify the changes and improvements needed and desired.  In-depth discussions explore, discover, and identify known and hidden traumas or blockages that hold a person back.  Discussions then aim to clear out these obstacles from the psyche.  Then a strategy is constructed to put a client on the path to their desired results.  Brian works with the client every step of the way, working with the client to clear away obstacles that come up along the way.  The goal is for the client to achieve a high level of self-awareness, healing, self-improvement, and a skill set of dynamic tools they can use to achieve their goals and desires in life.


More specifically, the following is included with this package:                                                                 


- In-depth personal discussions to determine what is holding you back                                                    $4,900

- In-depth personal discussions to clear out what is holding you back

- Discussions to determine and specify precise goals and desired results

- Consulting and strategy on achieving desired results and goals

- Up to two 1 hour phone sessions per week for 3 months

- Email/Messaging response for daily simple questions which may arise

- Priority scheduling for phone sessions

-Confidentiality and personal attention as each client is unique with special circumstances

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